Black Ostrich Tickler


Whether you like to be tickled or softly caressed, this plush black Ostrich Feather Tickler is very sensual and erotic.  The tickler features two luxurious Ostrich plumes that measure approximately 6” in length, that are attached at the end of a long (19”) plastic wand, giving you quite an extended reach.

The feathers are super downy and light, and feel amazingly arousing against the skin.  Use the sides of the feather to caress the contours of your lover’s body in long lingering strokes, or just the tip to tease and titillate the senses.

This product is only available in store.

  • Tickler for teasing during sensation play
  • Made from dyed Ostrich plumes
  • Measures 19" in handle length, feathers are approximately 6" in length
  • Spot clean the handle as needed