How We Choose Our Products

We Do Research

Science is sexy.

The Nookie’s vision was born from psychological research, and we carry that origin with us in everything we do. We read research studies. Conduct surveys. Run focus groups. Stay up to date on industry trends. And we test the products ourselves. 

We Explore

Our founder travels to some of the sexiest places - Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Las Vegas - to bring the best of the pleasure product industry to you.

But sometimes the greatest adventures are in our own backyard. We search local artisan markets and partner with independent Canadian designers and manufacturers to bring you products you can’t find anywhere else. And we get to support our community in the process.

We Value Quality

At The Nookie, quality first and foremost means our products are made from body safe materials.

For toys, that means The Nookie only offers products manufactured with medical grade silicone, stainless steel, ABS plastic (a material used in medical devices), elastomer, stone, wood (har har), or glass.

For lotions, lubricants, and massage oils, it means we carry products with natural ingredients and offer organic lines.

We also seek manufacturers who mirror our focus on community building through exceptional customer service. From intuitive toy designs to extended product warranties, The Nookie works with companies that go above and beyond to give you the best bang for your buck (if you will).

We Love Innovators

From emerging artists and designers to healthcare providers and major manufacturers - if it makes us go from ‘hmm’ to ‘mmm’, we want you to have it.