Permission Granted: The Journey from Trauma to Healing

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This book is different.

"Permission Granted" is meant to be a simple, quiet read to help us understand what it means to live in the aftermath of a traumatic event and to enhance our understanding of what it means to live with the sorrow of personal trauma. We hope to understand why we seem unable to leave the past behind and why we cannot find our way to tomorrow. Trauma is trauma. 


This book is different for it asks the question: How do you want to live with this personal traumatic experience?’ One way or the other we are all part of the healing journey. When it comes to trauma and healing from rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse we have to stop asking the question: Did this happen to you?” The answer is not really important, the fact that you are here is what matters. This book is written in the collective voice of We’ because it is written for each and everyone one of us. We do not ask you to identify if you are a victim’ of a traumatic event or if you are the friend or loved one of someone who has been in harm’s way. All are welcome here. To those who would ask the question: Did this happen to you? The consistent mantra throughout this book resonates from the first page to the last: The answer does not matter! Any other answer deprives each and every one of us of the benefit and blessing of someone who is willing to listen, the first step in the healing process. 


About the Author

Dr. Kathleen carterMartinez is an author, poet, educator, clinical psychotherapist and a mindful trauma recovery coach. She received her Doctorate in Healthcare from Nova Southeastern University and her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. For years she has been a tireless advocate and voice for women affected by physical and emotional trauma. From the foundation of her education and expertise as a clinician, she uses her gift as a storyteller to weave a tapestry of empathy, compassion, and understanding for those who know what it means to try to live their life in the shadow of physical and emotional trauma that are the result of rape and sexual assault. Using her gift as a storyteller, she gives a voice to women everywhere who have a story to tell. Dr. Kc is changing the culture by asking the question: 'How do you want to live with this personal traumatic experience?’