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Let's F*ck! Dice Game

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This set of dice will set you up for a very sexy game of chance! The Let's F*ck Dice Game is a great way to bring some excitement to a loud night in. The set includes 4 pairs of dice- 2 in pink, 2 in blue, plus a single silver die. 

To play, one rolls the pink dice and one the blue, after you've decided who goes first. After each roll, the opposite partner must perform the action specified on one die, on the body part suggested on the others. Take turns rolling until one player rolls a winning combo! For her it's either gently suck or lick with clitoris as the body part, for him the same but penis instead of clitoris. The winning roller takes a chance with the silver dice which spells out a very specific sex act. You can pass and re-roll one tie only, so choose wisely!


  • Dice game with suggestions for kinky activities
  • Contains 5 dice which display an action or body part