We Need Your Help!

Sexual health, sexual rights, and sexual freedom are our passion. In consultation with two staff members at Ontario’s Stop the Spread business hotline and five health experts at Toronto Public Health, we remained open during the November 23 lockdown as an essential business selling safety and medical supplies. It's true - vibrators were invented by doctors and they're prescribed still to treat conditions ranging from recovery from cervical cancer to fertility treatments after spinal cord injury.

Unfortunately, the City of Toronto is wilfully ignoring provincial law and medical literature simply because they don’t like the implication that ‘sex shops’ provide a valuable and essential community service. They're dragging us to court (just what a small business needs during Covid), and we need your help defending our community's right to sexual health. We are so grateful to still be in business and thank you endlessly for your continued patronage. Please consider further helping by sharing our gofundme with your networks. Here's the link: https://gofund.me/37490a54