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Space Oddity Massage Candle

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For a stylish massage candle choice, look no further than Intamo Pleasurables. Space Oddity comes in a matte ceramic jar with a convenient pour spout, filled with skin safe soy wax which melts at a lower temperature than typical candles. The essential oil scented wax leaves your body soft and moisturized and smelling like soothing eucalyptus and peppermint. 


Skin Safe Soy Wax that melts at a lower temperature and cools quickly upon skin contact

Shea Butter promotes circulation and nourishes the skin

Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes and treats dry skin

Cocoa Seed Butter improves elasticity in the skin

Eucalyptus Essential Oil promotes relaxation and cools skin

Peppermint Essential Oil  soothes muscle aches and reduces stress

Vitamin E has powerful moisturizing properties and acts as a natural preservative.