• Turn Yourself On - April 28

Katrina Marie

Turn Yourself On - April 28

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Explore the deeper layers of self love. Beyond chocolate cake and bath bombs, this workshop is all about connecting to your deepest desires and uninhibited self expression. Learn how to get truly intimate with yourself. You will learn how to go deeper than the usual ‘rubbing one out’, and discover how to fuck yourself like the intuitive queen you are.

Covered topics may include:

Becoming friends with yourself 

(Because who wants to be fucked by an asshole?)

Self-talk and affirmations

Getting to know your pussy

Making masturbation sacred

Masturbation as self expression

Manifestation powers of orgasm

Cannabis + sex for one

Betty’s Rock N’ Roll slow penetration method

Favourite sex toys



Arrive at The Nookie as early as 7:30 on Saturday, April 28 to browse products and meet the instructor. The workshop runs from 8:00 until 10 pm. 


This workshop is taught by Katrina Marie. She's a Sexual Empowerment Coach and Bodysex facilitator. Katrina has been fascinated by sex for as long as she could remember. She graduated from UWO with a BA in Sexuality, spent several years studying midwifery, caught a bunch of beautiful babies, and worked as a doula. But it wasn’t until she found herself in a sexless marriage with no desire that her real sexual awakening began. Katrina came to realize her pussy power in a truly life changing way after attending her first Bodysex Workshop in NYC with notorious badass and 88 year old mother of masturbation, Betty Dodson.

After years of sitting around wishing and hoping for a hotter, more connected sex life, Katrina started making that happen for herself with herself. Her life began to transform in ways she never thought possible. Healing and empowerment were happening in (gasp!) enjoyable ways. Vulnerability + courage started becoming the norm, leading to massive action in all areas of life. Katrina began to envision a world of women who were turned on in this way. Women gathering as sisters and learning to shake off the old, outdated (and frankly, boring AF) story of sexual repression, and bravely stepping into who they came here to be. 


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