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Sex Positions

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Do you want figure out what you can do to ramp up your sex life today!

With SEX POSITIONS: Tips and Techniques to Master the Most Excited Sex Positions you will!

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship or marriage knows that there comes a time when the fire between you seems to burn out. But that’s not true! Where there’s love, there’s passion, but life can sometimes gets in the way. In this book, you’ll learn how to re-ignite the fire of passion that’s always been there and is ready to light up your life, again and again and again.

Learn how to:

  • Combat the “room mate” effect
  • See your love with new eyes, every day
  • Take back time and make it your bitch
  • Make every day a “special occasion”
  • Reclaim foreplay as a prelude to great sex
  • The Gospel according to Marvin Gaye
  • New sex positions and new ways to play

This book is designed to help you and your love find your way back to the level of physical intimacy you once shared, when your love was new. It’s written by someone who’s been there and who’s found his way back to the fire that never really went anywhere, but was just sleeping and is now hotter than ever!

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