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ElectroErotic Neon Wand

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Drawing from 20 years of experience working with electric ray wands and fetish products, KinkLab developed the Neon Wand. The electrosex kit is a device that emits an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The level of sensation is easily adjustable via a multi-level intensity dial on the wand itself. Depending on the the attachment you use, sensations can range from a pleasurable, warm tingling to more intense, focused sensations that some find painful.

This set includes 4 different glass attachments: the electrode comb, the mushroom tube, 90° probe, and the tongue tube. Because the glass is clear, the purple light that glows inside is visible during use.

  • Ray wand for explorations in sensation play
  • Made from glass rods, PPV plastic hardware, copper tubing
  • Measures 13” X 8” X 2 1/3”. Extra long cord measures 8 feet long
  • Working frequency of 50-60 HZ, 10W of power, with a low-end output (0.4A and 2.5W) and high-end output (0.5A and 5W)
  • Available in red or purple
  • Includes booklet with complete care and use instructions as well as fun ideas and suggestions to try

The Neon Wand boasts a lower max setting than some traditional electric ray wands, which makes it an accessible choice for beginners while also providing options for intermediate and advanced users who prefer using wands in a more sensual manner. Play around with the settings to find one you like!

There are no moving parts inside this solid-state device, which means that movement and change of position won't cause interruptions or unexpected variations in the output. Solid-state devices also tend to prove more durable over time.